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I recommend Gregory Casale. I hired Gregory 1-6 month ago. Gregory handled my Criminal Defense matter. Client Review: Mr. Casale and his paralegal Tara were extremely helpful in guiding me through this difficult time. Never needing a lawyer before, I was extremely scared and did not know what to do. Right after my “incident” I emailed him, based off of these reviews, and within two hours he was on the phone with me helping guide me through the next steps. His office treated me like a person, not a criminal. Between Mr. Casale and Tara, I always felt informed and comforted. I also learned quite a bit from them and what to expect. They are extremely knowledgeable and knew exactly what to do to get me out of my situation. He is a very compassionate and understanding individual. I will always appreciate the time and effort he and his staff put in to help me maintain my clean record. His efforts allowed me to have a second chance, I am grateful for that.Thank you Mr. Casale and Tara!

Excellent representation from Attorney Casale

I recommend Gregory Casale. I hired Gregory less than a month ago. Gregory handled my Criminal Defense matter. I have previously worked with no lawyers.Client Review: While visiting Massachusetts from out of state, I found myself involved in an unfortunate incident and with a criminal offense charged against me. Due to the necessity for counsel to act in my behalf while I was back at home I was careful in my selection of Attorneys. A list of 10 became a list of two, then one.Attorney Casale’s enthusiasm, knowledge of the law, patience and the respect he commands amongst the Court and his peers was demonstrated repeatedly, and ultimately resulted in a most favorable outcome regarding my case. Attorney Casale’s defense was so thorough I was able to resolve my charge without having to reappear in court. Though my case may not be typical, I believe the positive outcome rests largely on the skills of Attorney Casale.As in any other industry, there are vast choices available to a prospective client and making the right choice is paramount, especially when the courts are involved. Attorney Casale is that right choice.
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