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If you have been charged with breaking and entering (B&E), you need experienced criminal defense representation. Since 1998, the office of Gregory Casale Attorney At Law, has been representing clients charged with breaking and entering charges in courts throughout Worcester County and across Massachusetts. There is no such thing as straight “breaking and entering” charges under the Massachusetts General Laws.To be charged with breaking and entering (B&E) in Massachusetts, it must be either “with Intent to Commit a Misdemeanor” or “with Intent to Commit a Felony”. The issue of intent is the distinguishing element.

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Breaking And Entering Charges: Not An Open-And-Shut Case

An arrest for breaking and entering, even the felony level charge, does not necessarily mean that you will be incarcerated. Unless caught in the act, many of these cases rest heavily on evidence, which can be challenged in court. Eyewitness identifications can be extremely unreliable, especially in the nighttime. Many stores and parking lots even homes have security cameras these days but the quality of these recordings are often grainy and unfocused. Do not be intimidated by police interrogations where suspects are told that they have been captured on tape or that there is eyewitness identification. Do not be intimidated into a confession. Even a confession does not mean that you are destined to a long jail sentence. For a confession to be admissible, it must be a knowledgeable and willful waiver of your rights against self-incrimination. It cannot be coerced, and if it was, it may be thrown out.

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