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While Massachusetts has long had laws that require dog owners to be in control of their pets, every year dozens of people are attacked and hurt by dogs, some seriously. Mail carriers, Fed Ex and UPS delivery people, joggers, pedestrians, bikers, and especially children, are vulnerable to dog attacks.

If you, your loved one, or your child has been bit by a dog, talk with a personal injury lawyer so you understand your rights under Massachusetts dog bite law. A dog bite is a puncture wound that can easily become infected. A dog mauling can cause a jagged wound with torn edges that is difficult to heal and leaves scarring. Like any deep wound, a dog bite can cause lasting nerve damage.

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Dog Bites And Children

Children suffer the most from dog bites and attacks. The most serious injuries from dog attacks are suffered by children because their faces and necks are within easy reach of the animal. While it is never pleasant to go through a personal injury lawsuit, we urge parents to think of the long-term needs of their child before they settle a claim for only the amount of the initial medical bills.

Several things often happen as a child grows. The most obvious is that children often suffer visible scarring from the dog bite or attack. They may require additional plastic surgery later to minimize the appearance of the scars, particularly if they are on the face or neck.

Less visible but equally significant is the potential for deep emotional scars from the animal attack. Your child may suffer nightmares or night terrors. He or she may become generally fearful or their fear may be focused on animals. Your child will likely require therapy to trauma of the attack. A proper settlement offer will consider these needs as well as the immediate physical needs. We ensure you do not accept less than your case is worth.

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