Drug Case Results

For more information about the types of drug possession and other drug charges attorney Casale has handled or how our firm can help you, please see the case summaries below or contact our Massachusetts office today.

Dudley District

Possession Class B - Possession Class C – Dismissed

A 26-year-old Female was stopped for Speeding by State Police in Sturbridge. Police searched the car and found what they believed to be Hash and Cocaine. Upon Motion charges were dismissed prior to arraignment, upon successful completion of community service. This outstanding outcome preserves the record for this 26-year-old woman.

Westboro District Court

Possession Class A - Dismissed Upon Motion

A 37-year-old man was stopped for driving a vehicle with a smashed driver’s side mirror. Police asked for the driver’s license and registration, which he supplied to police. The car was not registered to the driver. Police asked the man to exit the vehicle and upon finding copper Brillo in the back seat, the Officer searched the car for narcotics. The Officer found a prescription bottle with the prescriber’s name ripped off containing seven Soboxin pills and arrested the driver for Possession of a Class A Substance. Prior to trial, attorney Casale filed a Motion to Suppress Evidence of a Warrantless Search. Based on his argument, the motion was allowed by the judge. All physical evidence was suppressed, and the charge was dismissed.

Dudley District Court

Possession Class D - Pretrial Probation And Dismissed - Record Remains Clean

The defendant, a 21-year-old college student, was arrested and charged for Possession of a Class D Substance and Operating Without a License. The young man and a friend were driving from New Jersey back to New Hampshire when Massachusetts police stopped them for suspicious behavior. The driver had entered and exited the highway several times before coming to a stop at the gate of an apartment complex. After several minutes of sitting at the gate without attempting to get in, the police effectuated a stop of the vehicle. The driver did not have his license on him and the passenger had an out of country license only. After conducting a check through dispatch, it was found that the driver’s license was suspended. During an inventory search of the vehicle, police found a bag containing approximately one pound of marijuana. Both men were arrested. During plea bargaining, attorney Casale was able to get the DA to agree to dismiss the Operating Without a License charge and agree to pretrial probation on the possession charge. As long as the client remains out of trouble for one year, this charge will be dismissed, and his record will remain spotless.

Westboro District Court

Possession Of Marijuana And Motor Vehicle Violations - CWOF And Dismissed

A 30-year-old man was charged with Possession of Marijuana, Operating a Motor Vehicle with a Suspended License, Receiving a Stolen Motor Vehicle, and Refusing to Identify Himself to Police after police stopped his vehicle. Police ran the vehicle’s registration and found it to be listed as stolen. The defendant was arrested, and the vehicle was searched. Marijuana was found in the pocket of a jacket that the defendant stated belonged to him. The defendant provided police with a false last name and during the booking procedure police found that the defendant’s license had been suspended. Prior to trial, attorney Casale was able to get the charges of Receiving a Stolen Motor Vehicle and Refusing to Identify Himself to Police dismissed. The charges of Possession of Marijuana and Operating a Motor Vehicle with a Suspended License were continued without a finding (CWOF) to be dismissed so long as the defendant does not get re-arrested.

Westboro District Court

Possession Class A (6th Offense) And OUI Drugs (4th Offense) - All Charges Dismissed

The defendant, a 54-year-old gentleman, was taken out of his vehicle by police and paramedics who arrived on scene to find the defendant’s vehicle parked horizontally across the road pointing into the woods after an apparent accident. Found in plain view in the vehicle were 10 full bags of what appeared to be heroin, numerous empty heroin bags, 10 hypodermic needles and a soda can ripped in half with burn marks on the bottom, all of which was taken into evidence. The defendant was taken to UMASS and police applied for complaints for OUI Drugs and Possession Class A, Subsequent Offense. Despite five previous OUI arrests, three of which resulted in convictions and six previous convictions for Possession Class A and/or Possession Class A, Subsequent Offense, several of which resulted in a one-year jail term, attorney Casale was able to have the charges issued as straight OUI Drugs and Possession Class A, dropping the “subsequent offense” designations. In the District Court, despite the defendant’s seven-page CORI (Criminal Offender Record Information) attorney Casale was able to get all charges dismissed upon a showing that Defendant had entered and completed detoxification and aftercare, was now living in sober housing and had produced several clean drug screens. Instead of serving time in jail and losing his license for 10 years or more, he is now clean and sober with a valid Massachusetts license with all charges dismissed.

Dudley District Court (East Brookfield Trial)

Possession Of Heroin And Weapons - 10 Years On Run - No Convictions

A 20-year-old man was stopped and charged with:

Possession with intent to distribute and/or manufacture class A controlled substance,

Possession with intent to distribute and/or manufacture class C controlled substance,

Possession with intent to distribute and/or manufacture class D controlled substance,

Carrying a dangerous weapon (brass knuckles), and two minor civil infractions.

After arraignment, the defendant fled the county and relocated in Ohio. After 10 years on the run, attorney Casale performed a thorough investigation of the evidence was able to convince the District Attorney to reduce the Class C and D charges down to Plain Possession and then continued those misdemeanor charges without any finding for one year, after which they will be dismissed if the defendant merely stays out of trouble for that time. The Class A Distribution charge and the Dangerous Weapon charge were dismissed outright upon the payment of $400 in court costs. Instead of going to jail for these serious crimes, the client was able to return to Ohio with no convictions on these serious charges through the investigations and negotiations of attorney Casale.

New Bedford District Court

Possession Of Oxycontin - Dismissed

The defendant, a 30-year-old man, was charged with Possession of Class B and Conspiracy to Violate Drug Laws after his car was stopped and searched by police. Attorney Casale filed a Motion to Suppress Physical Evidence and Statements. On cross-examination, he was able to get the officer to admit that police had not observed the elements necessary to prove the crimes. All physical evidence was suppressed and the charges against the Defendant were dismissed.