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If you’ve been accused of a crime in Massachusetts and your case hasn’t been settled, you might be considered a fugitive. This can happen even if you didn’t go to court or you’re unaware of a warrant for your arrest. This could be because you left the state or didn’t know about the warrant. 

If a pending arrest warrant in Massachusetts is affecting your life, hire Gregory Casale Attorney At Law, a criminal defense lawyer in Worcester, Massachusetts, you can trust. We can help you close your old case and start fresh. If you ignore your old warrant, the state can decide how to proceed with it. We can protect your rights and help you get the best outcome from your case.

Dealing with old warrants can be a daunting experience, but you don’t have to face it alone. Our experienced Worcester attorneys are well-versed in criminal defense law, specializing in cases just like yours. We understand the complexities of Massachusetts warrants and the legal intricacies involved.

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What is an Outstanding Warrant in Massachusetts?

An outstanding warrant in Massachusetts is a court order issued by a judge demanding the arrest of the individual named in the warrant. This often occurs when a person has been accused of a crime, failed to appear in court, or violated probation or parole terms.

Warrants are detailed in Massachusetts laws and statutes. Specifically, you can find related information in the Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 276, which covers Arrests, Search, and Seizure:

Failure to appear in court, leading to the issuance of a warrant, is covered under Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 276, Section 82A. It states that an individual who, without sufficient excuse, neglects or refuses to appear in court may be penalized, and a default warrant may be issued for his/her arrest. 

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Massachusetts Warrants Cases We Handle

We handle a wide range of unresolved warrant cases in Worcester, Massachusetts. We deal with different situations, no matter how complex. Our criminal defense lawyers represent clients facing a variety of charges, including:

Drug crimes:

  • Drug possession and trafficking of controlled substances

Sex offenses:

  • Sexual assault, rape, prostitution, and internet sex crimes.

Juvenile offenses:

  • Crimes ranging from burglary and vandalism to drug or gang-related activity

DUI offense:

  • Whether it is your first offense or if you are a multiple offender

Theft offenses:

  • Ranging from shoplifting to aggravated burglary or robbery

Violent crimes:

  • Assault, kidnapping, murder, and crimes involving firearms. 

Criminal Warrants and Failure to Appear

Whatever the case may be, having an outstanding warrant for your arrest can be very stressful. A warrant for not showing up to court can suspend your driver’s license and even be the basis for new charges of failing to appear, a misdemeanor. 

If you were cited with civil violations like speeding or other traffic offenses, those charges will mostly go into “default, ” meaning the fine associated with those offenses is imposed. Our law firm can work with the legal system to remove old charges or reduce your charges if you fail to appear in court or address old penalties the court has imposed.

How Our Law Firm Can Help You With Your Warrant

An outstanding warrant can significantly disrupt your life, making even routine tasks stressful. Hiring a criminal defense attorney can be the best course of action in such a situation. Our attorneys understand the complexities of Massachusetts criminal law and can guide you through the process, ensuring your rights are protected at each stage.

  • Legal Advice: We provide strategic advice on the best course of action tailored to your specific situation, helping you make informed decisions.

  • Legal Representation: We represent you in court proceedings, communicating with the judge, prosecutor, and other legal personnel on your behalf.

  • Plea Bargains: We may negotiate plea bargains with the prosecution to reduce your charges or sentence.

  • Remove the Warrant: Depending on the nature of the warrant, we may be able to get it removed, meaning the court withdraws the warrant.

  • Reduced Penalties: We can argue for the reduction of any penalties associated with your case, such as fines, probation, or jail time.

We ensure that your rights are protected throughout the legal process, advocating for fair treatment under the law. By hiring Gregory Casale Attorney At Law, you can navigate your outstanding warrant, making the situation more manageable and less stressful.

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Frequently Asked Questions About OLD Warrants in Massachusetts

How do I find out if I have an outstanding warrant in Massachusetts?

You can check with your local Massachusetts police department or through the Massachusetts court system. An attorney can also help you find out this information.

What happens if I ignore an outstanding warrant?

Ignoring an outstanding warrant can lead to more serious consequences, such as additional charges, immediate arrest, or difficulty in obtaining a favorable resolution to your case.

Can a Massachusetts outstanding warrant affect me in another state?

Yes, warrants can be enforced across state lines. You can be arrested and extradited back to Massachusetts to face charges.

What is a bench warrant?

A bench warrant is an arrest warrant issued by a judge or “the bench,” usually due to failure to appear in court when required.

How can I have a warrant lifted?

You generally need to appear in court to have a warrant lifted. An attorney can guide you through this process, which often involves resolving the underlying legal issue that led to the warrant.

Are outstanding warrants public record in Massachusetts?

Yes, generally, arrest warrants, including outstanding ones, are considered public records in Massachusetts.

Can an outstanding warrant affect my employment?

Yes, outstanding warrants can show up in background checks and potentially impact your current employment or future job opportunities.

What happens if I'm arrested on an outstanding warrant?

If arrested, you’ll be taken into custody and will likely need to appear in court to address the warrant and the charges it relates to. It’s crucial to have legal representation at this time to protect your rights and interests.