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When a car or truck driver collides with a motorcycle, there are a couple of typical reasons for the accident:

  • The car or truck driver wasn’t paying attention to the vehicles around them and didn’t see the motorcycle.

  • The car or truck driver saw the motorcycle but didn’t think about the effect their actions would take when they swerved into their lane, made a left hand turn in front of them or got too close behind them.

Safe driving is everyone’s business. Failing to see a motorcycle is no excuse for causing an accident and injury to a biker.

If a loved one has been injured in a serious or fatal motorcycle accident anywhere in Massachusetts, Gregory Casale Attorney At Law can help you get the compensation you need and deserve. Since 1998, attorney Casale has helped hundreds of injured people and families overcome the financial losses they suffered as a result of injuries or wrongful death from an accident. Our firm is experienced at dealing with insurance companies and getting our clients the benefits they are entitled to.

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Overcoming ‘Blame The Victim’ Mentality

A lot of drivers, and some police officers and insurance adjusters are quick to blame the motorcycle rider simply because they are riding a motorcycle. At Gregory Casale Attorney at Law, we don’t rely on the police report for the facts. We investigate the case and dig up the evidence to support our claim. An important part of that investigation is reviewing the evidence. As soon as you contact our office, we begin preserving the evidence from the accident, including the motorcycle itself. We interview witnesses and get statements. There are some things the family of an injured person can do soon after an accident to help in the investigation. See our list of “What you can do after an accident.” The next important step is to fully document your injuries from the motorcycle accident. It’s important that you receive prompt medical care and that you report any new medical problems to your doctor. The only way to receive full reimbursement is to understand the medical injuries you face — both severe (such as traumatic brain injury (TBI)) and less severe (such as weakness on one side from a spinal cord injury, loss of range of motion from nerve damage or memory problems from a closed head injury).

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