Shoplifting By Asportation Dismissed

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Gregory handled my Criminal Defense matter.
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Client Review: Mr. Casale is an outstanding attorney. He returned all my calls promptly and gathered the information needed quickly and respectfully. I was facing misdemeanor charges of shoplifting by asportation. Mr. Casale’s years of experience and expertise shined through in every way during his time representing me. He was able to get my case dismissed and the fine dropped from $250 to $100 and more importantly since it was dismissed, I continue to have a clean record.

I trust Mr. Casale and his hard work. Not only is he excellent at what he does, he does it with kindness. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your time, energy, and kindness. Most of all I thank you for getting my case dismissed and keeping my record clean. You are the best!

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