Excellent representation from Attorney Casale

I recommend Gregory Casale.
I hired Gregory less than a month ago.
Gregory handled my Criminal Defense matter.
I have previously worked with no lawyers.

Client Review: While visiting Massachusetts from out of state, I found myself involved in an unfortunate incident and with a criminal offense charged against me. Due to the necessity for counsel to act in my behalf while I was back at home I was careful in my selection of Attorneys. A list of 10 became a list of two, then one.

Attorney Casale’s enthusiasm, knowledge of the law, patience and the respect he commands amongst the Court and his peers was demonstrated repeatedly, and ultimately resulted in a most favorable outcome regarding my case. Attorney Casale’s defense was so thorough I was able to resolve my charge without having to reappear in court. Though my case may not be typical, I believe the positive outcome rests largely on the skills of Attorney Casale.

As in any other industry, there are vast choices available to a prospective client and making the right choice is paramount, especially when the courts are involved. Attorney Casale is that right choice.

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