Getting Legal Help After A Personal Injury

Could harm have been prevented if someone had just acted in a reasonable and expected manner? That is what a personal injury claim is all about. Worcester personal injury lawyer Gregory Casale handles several types of personal injury claims. If you have been injured because of someone else’s negligence, then you may be entitled to compensation and damages. Let Gregory Casale protect your rights and get you what you deserve. Since 1998, he has handled hundreds of personal injury cases.

What Kind Of Cases Do We Take?

Attorney Casale concentrates on serious injury and wrongful death, providing a high level of aggressive, professional representation to clients. Some of the cases we focus on include:

What You Can Do After An Accident

  • If possible, immediately after an accident get the names, addresses and telephone numbers of witnesses and the involved parties, including passengers.
  • Demand that the police come to the scene before anything is moved. Ask the police if they have a camera.
  • Copy the other party’s information straight from his or her license and registration and include their insurance company and license plate/registration number and state.
  • Take pictures with your cell phone or ask a family member to go to the scene to get photos.
  • Go by ambulance to the hospital. Do not try to be the hero. Wait to come home until you have been thoroughly examined. If that requires overnight admission or longer, do not fight to avoid it. Allow medical staff, paramedics, ambulance personnel doctors and nurses to do their job.
  • As soon as you are able, contact an attorney and direct all inquiries to us. DO NOT speak to or sign anything offered by insurance companies. In fact, have all documents as well as telephone inquiries directed to your attorney. We know what to do and what not to do. We are available 24/7 for just this reason.
After the accident, you should focus on your medical recovery. Diligently maintain all doctors’ and therapists’ appointments. Make sure that you do everything within your power to get the best medical care for your injuries. Keep in constant contact with your attorney whenever anything new arises.

Money: Your Only Remedy

Most cases involving personal injuries are civil matters. There is no criminal punishment for the wrong. The only legal remedy available is monetary compensation. Receiving compensation for injuries you have received or for the death of a member of your family is not a reward — it is to make you whole again. Attorney Casale understands financial compensation won’t bring a person back or allow the severely injured a pain-free life. But the only way to obtain justice in this country is financial compensation. The money allows you to recover, to the extent you are able, and to replace lost income in a wrongful death case.

Call For A Free Consultation

After a serious personal injury call our Massachusetts law office for a free consultation. There is never a fee to the client unless we are successful and there is a judgment or settlement on your case. Call 508.752.7500 or use our online contact form. If you are unable to come to the office we can come to you, whether in your home or hospital room.