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Criminal Defense For Domestic Abuse Charges And C.209A Massachusetts Restraining Orders

Gregory Casale, Attorney at Law, Criminal Defense Lawyer In Massachusetts, the police take domestic assault allegations seriously. If they are called to a residence, odds are that someone will be arrested and charged with the crime of domestic assault and battery — even if the person who called the police does not want to press charges or has changed his or her mind. If you have been charged with domestic abuse or with violation of a restraining order, contact Gregory Casale, Attorney At Law, immediately. You need a strong legal advocate on your side to protect your rights. If the other person is going to file for a restraining order, you will quickly need to defend yourself in court.

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Defense lawyer Gregory Casale, has more than 10 years of criminal defense experience in Massachusetts criminal courts. He has built a solid reputation for aggressive and ethical defense against domestic violence charges and has proven he is willing to go the distance to fight for his clients.

Restraining Orders And Domestic Abuse Charges

A no-contact order is almost always issued after a domestic abuse charge. The police will also assist the alleged victim in getting a restraining order against you (c.209A order). A temporary restraining order is almost always issued if it is requested, and you will be required to leave your home (even if you own the home) and to stay up to 100 yards away from every location where the "victim" may be (even a shared workplace). Your order will list exactly the things you are "restrained" from doing, so read it carefully. Violating a restraining order will make your situation much worse, so it's important to understand all the things you can and cannot do while the restraining order is in place. You may not be able to call the victim. You may not be able to stop by to pick up mail. You don't want to be facing charges of violating a restraining order or stalking. Attorney Casale can explain how a restraining order will affect your daily life. You can bring a defense lawyer to the hearing that makes a restraining order permanent. This will occur fairly quick after the temporary order is approved so it's best to get a lawyer on your domestic abuse case as soon as possible, begin building your defense.

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Attorney casale always kept me informed every step of the way. I never wondered what i needed to do because he is always two steps ahead. What a great experience during an unfortunate incident. Thanks to greg i was found not guilty.......

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