Clearing Up An Old Warrant Issued By A Massachusetts Court

If you were charged with a crime in Massachusetts and your case was never resolved, whether you went to court and were arraigned or not, you may have been declared a fugitive from justice. The same is true if a warrant was issued for your arrest, even if you did not know the warrant existed because you had already left the state or you didn’t get notice of the warrant. If you have an outstanding Massachusetts arrest warrant that is threatening your freedom or keeping you from obtaining an ID or renewing your driver’s license in another state, your best option is to hire a Massachusetts criminal defense attorney such as attorney Gregory Casale to help you obtain final disposition on your old case. Not addressing your old warrant may leave you to face the Commonwealth and how it chooses to deal with your warrant. Attorney Casale can help you understand your rights and ensure the old warrant is handled on your terms. Get in touch with the office of Gregory Casale, Attorney at Law, in Worcester, Massachusetts, by calling 508.752.7500 . You can also email the firm.

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Don’t Spend An Evening Or Possibly The Weekend In Jail

Depending upon the severity of the charge and whether you are in the state, Massachusetts may request your extradition. Even if the original charge is minor and the Massachusetts authorities decline to extradite you, the matter is not necessarily settled. The warrant is still live and active. It will almost certainly come up again the next time you are pulled over or try to renew your license. Now is the time to take action. Do not let an old Massachusetts warrant continue to hang over your head. We can investigate the warrant, work with the local District Attorney’s office and the court, and negotiate both the surrender and the disposition of the charges. Let us guide you and protect your rights throughout the warrant recall process.

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At Gregory Casale, Attorney at Law, initial consultations are always confidential and always free of charge. Call us today at 508.752.7500 or use our online contact form to schedule an appointment. Telephones are answered 24 hours a day. If you live out of state and need experienced legal assistance in clearing up an old warrant issued by a Massachusetts court, Gregory Casale, Attorney at Law, can help. Our firm has handled countless situations like these for clients from all over the country.

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