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There is a strong social stigma that individuals with criminal records cannot escape, no matter how law abiding they are after a conviction. They have trouble getting jobs, renting apartments and doing other things entirely unrelated to the crime. This is a terrible consequence of our laws, never intended by the legislature. At the law office of Gregory Casale, we strive to protect our clients' records and their futures through show cause hearings/clerk's magistrate hearings.

During a clerk's hearing, you have a tremendous opportunity to avoid grave consequences. If you have been summoned to court for a clerk's hearing or show cause hearing, contact Massachusetts criminal defense attorney Gregory Casale to discuss your options. Our law firm is available 24 hours a day, even afterhours and on weekends. Call 508-556-6938 or toll free at 877-752-7501.

Preventing A Criminal Record Through Clerk's Hearings

Clerk's magistrate hearings also known as show cause hearings require the Commonwealth to show that they have sufficient evidence to prosecute a case. While the bar is low — prosecutors must only show that there is reasonable evidence to charge you — the stakes are high. Clerk's hearings: 1. Can keep the criminal charge off your record. 2. Are cost-effective. Unlike a trial, which usually requires multiple appearances, a show cause hearing is a one-time appearance. If successful, it saves you time and money.

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Since 1998, Gregory Casale, Attorney at Law, has provided aggressive professional representation to clients in Central Massachusetts' municipal courts, superior courts and district courts. We know the key players involved in magistrate courts in this area. We also know what is necessary to dismiss a case for lack of evidence, whether that case involves:

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Contact us for a free consultation with a lawyer experienced in clerk's hearings. Call 508-556-6938 or toll free 877-752-7501. If you or your child has a pristine criminal record, a clerk's hearing is an important opportunity to keep that record clear. When you have one shot of avoiding criminal charges, one shot to get it right, don't blow it. Turn to a law firm that has developed a solid criminal defense practice focused on protecting our clients' futures.

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