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Seal or Expunge Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI)

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In today's economy it has never been harder to obtain a good job or keep an existing job. Today's technology and internet access make more and more information available to employers or potential employers. With the downturn in the economy employers are far more demanding than ever before. There is no quicker or surer way to be denied a job or a promotion than an entry on your CORI (Criminal Offender Record Information) or Criminal History.

If you have an entry on your Criminal History or CORI and would like it sealed, call Gregory Casale Attorney At Law for a free consultation today at (508) 752-7500 or toll free at (877) 752-7501 or contact us through the Contact Us page, here on the website.

Can I expunge my criminal record or CORI

In Massachusetts, it is virtually impossible to "expunge" or erase a criminal record. In Commonwealth v. Boe, the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts (SJC) determined that a judge does not have the authority to order a defendant's record expunged [even] "where the criminal complaint was dismissed because its issuance was premised on a mistake. The SJC concluded "that the judge does not have such authority, but the judge may order that such defendant's record be sealed pursuant to G.L. c. 276, §100C." Commonwealth v. Boe,

What Can I Do if I Can't Expunge my Record or CORI?

What is available in Massachusetts is to have your record sealed. Under M.G.L. c. 276, §100C there are several ways in which your record can be sealed. Some laws have sealing options contained within the charging statute, most do not. In many cases, if enough time has passed since your last encounter with the courts, you may be eligible to have your record sealed.

What Will Show Up If Someone Runs My Record or CORI?

Once your record is sealed, according to the statute:

"The commissioner, in response to inquiries by authorized persons other than any law enforcement agency, any court, or any appointing authority, shall in the case of a sealed record or in the case of court appearances and adjudications in a case of delinquency or the case of a child in need of services which did not result in a complaint transferred to the superior court for criminal prosecution, report that no record exists." M.G.L. c. 276, §100C.

For assistance in getting your record or CORI sealed call Gregory Casale Attorney At Law at (508)752-7500 or toll free at (877) 752-7501, or use our online Contact Us form.

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